Capital Vintners

Capital Vintners

After China blew the roof off the fine wine market in 2010, the industry has been looking for the next big economy to lead the way. It might have found that economy in the shape of India.

The Indian wine market has been growing at around 25-30 per cent annually and, according to experts, will continue to do so for the next five to ten years. India is now a country of 1.2 billion people, only second in size to China, so the potential is massive if wines get inside the vast country. At the moment the per person per year consumption of wine stands at a measly 9 ml (about two teaspoons). So there is clearly space to expand.    

It is thought that as much as 80 per cent of wine consumption in India is confined to the very large cities like Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore. The countryside sees next to no consumption at the moment.

Specific chateaux have tried to ingratiate themselves with the Indian market. For example, Mouton Rothschild employed the Indian-born British artist Anish Kapoor to design their 2009 label. Cos D’estournel has a rich history with Asia. The Indian upper classes were introduced to the UK’s love of Bordeaux wine in the 19th century, especially Cos, with its Indian elephant logo and Zanzibar-themed chateau.

Capital Vintners will keep a close eye on the Indian wine market going into 2013.