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EU wine regions lobby against vineyard extension plans

The European Commission (EC) expects to see a freeing up of planning rights across European vineyards starting in January 2016. This could completely change the landscape of the European wine industry.
 So far 15 EU countries – including France, Italy, Spain and Portugal – have formally objected to proposals to extend vineyards
The lobby is currently 40 votes short of the 255 majority required to make sure the plans will be quashed.  
The Association of European Wine Regions (AREV) is unhappy and will say ‘no’ to the Commission’s plans. Groups acting for vineyard growers believe that the EC reform could lead to catastrophic results to the culture and integrity of Europe’s finest vineyards.
They worry that any freeing up of planning rights across some of the world’s most prestigious vineyards could ruin not only the landscape but also the lucrative nature of the industry. In France especially, the major first growth chateaux will not be happy with any changes to the vineyard planting regulations.
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