Wine Market

Fine wine: strength in the face of adversity

The fine wine market has always been good at maintaining stability during times of economic uncertainty – in fact, that’s what it does best. During the recession of 2007/8, the S&P 500 fell by 38.5% while the Liv-ex 1000 kept its head above water at only -0.6%.  Why? As well as being a tangible asset, … Continued


Business booming post-lockdown for online auction houses

Back in March, as COVID-19 forced bidders to stay at home, auction houses Zachys and Sotheby’s were given no choice but to transform their businesses overnight. The result has been spectacular, with both auction houses surpassing projections and achieving record sales.  Zachys sets World Records at its first ever London auction Zachys was the first … Continued

En Primeur

En Primeur 2019: an unexpected success

No-one expected much of this year’s Bordeaux en primeur campaign. What with the looming uncertainty of Brexit on the cards, a market that was steadily losing interest due to the high prices and questionable quality of the 2018 vintage, and a virulent pandemic sweeping the globe, many didn’t expect it to happen at all.  What … Continued

Italian wines

Demand for Italian wine skyrockets

From the rolling fields of Tuscany to the patchwork vineyards of Piedmont, Italian fine wines are at the forefront of growth on the secondary market – in the first seven month of 2020, trade in Italian wines has risen by 70% in value on Liv-ex.  “Just this morning, the value of Italian wine trade in … Continued

Wine Harvest

Fine wine harvest 2020: so much wine, so little time

The wine regions of the world are all set for a corker of a year. In-keeping with the traditional Bordeaux ‘Rule of Five’ – that every vintage ending in five or zero since 1985 has been exceptional – 2020 promises to be another excellent year for wine, with favourable weather conditions and an abundant crop. … Continued


Neal Martin on Burgundy 2016

Burgundy stole the spotlight again last week, when Neal Martin released his scores for the 2016 vintage in bottle.  He had previously suggested this was “a puzzle that would be fascinating, frustrating and futile to solve”. Having re-tasted the grand vins, he concluded that “the reds live up to their billing […] they come with … Continued


The rise and rise of Italian wine

With Bordeaux’s trade share having waned somewhat over the last few years, other countries and regions have slowly but surely stolen a significant slice of the market. Italy is one of them.  The total number of Italian wines traded on the secondary market has risen over 1,500% in a decade, and their total value has … Continued


Fine Wine Investment: Safe Haven

There is no doubt that the current Brexit anticipation has caused volatility in many investment markets. With the deadline date fast approaching, it seems the fine wine market has avoided all the chaos and has come out on top. The current economic contraction that is arising due to ongoing uncertainty has seen many markets fluctuate … Continued


Latour 2011 ex-Chateau released

Back in 2012, Chateau Latour announced that its 2011 vintage would be its last En Primeur offering.  In a letter to negociants, they explained that both Les Forts de Latour and their grand vin would only be released when the team felt they were ready – seven years later for Forts Latour, and 10-12 years … Continued


Investment wine – The Big Picture

All has been rather quiet on the fine wine front in recent months.  Even the 2018 Bordeaux en primeur campaign, with its steady release of first-rate wines from the world’s most renowned winemaking region, fell pretty much flat on its face.  There is no doubt that 2018 was an excellent vintage that will show appreciation … Continued