Capital Vintners

Capital Vintners

Capital Vintners now provides a global merchant service to a broad client base in Europe, Asia and North America. With an extended reach across the whole globe, Capital Vintners are able to offer its clients an all-encompassing service. Second to none!

We provide comprehensive portfolio management where we are able to source a range of the world’s rarest wines for personal collections as well as consumption upon request. These wines can be sourced for the most competitive prices; we will arrange transfer from the trusted bonded warehouse and deliver to a location of your choice. With no fuss! Just simply advise us of your location and we can deliver.

Whilst we specialise in Bordeaux wines, we also have access to the very best wines in the world; Super Tuscans, elite Californian reds, Champagne, Burgundy, Australian blockbusters. We do not limit ourselves to the famous Bordeaux brands; instead we like to offer our clients a taste of the whole spectrum of fine wine. Our extensive knowledge of wine trends in key zones such as China aid us in providing you with the very best options for your fine wine collection.

If you are interested in starting your own private fine wine cellar or store your consumption stock in our warehouse, contact us on 0207 378 3500 or