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Frequently Asked Questions
You can access your account by registering and logging in using the links at the top right hand side of each page on our website. Please note, existing customers will need to re-register using the email address we currently hold for you on file. If you’d like to update your details, or link your account to a new email address, please contact us on +44(0) 207 378 3500.
Of course you can! That is why wine is produced and sold at any time however, we don’t necessarily advise this if you are investing in the wine market. Please note that if you take any of your cases out of Bond. You will have to pay 20% VAT, plus £2.16 per bottle for duty charges depending on the HMRC duty charges at that time for the ABV Alcohol content. For example, if you wish to take your case of 6 bottles of wine and the wine cost £2,000.00 In Bond then you would have to pay £400.00 VAT + £2.16 x 6 bottles. Totalling £412.96 (plus any delivery costs applicable).
Again, of course! Your wine is stored at Vine International. You can book an appointment (via your Capital Vintners broker) if you would like to go and view your portfolio at either locations, or you can request condition reports to save the journey and have the images saved in your cellar view account online through our trusted serviced website.
The London International Vintners Exchange is the global platform that is used by merchants and brokers to buy and sell fine wine. As a member of the Exchange, we are in a position to offer and connect our clients with the world and sell their wine on the Exchange. Added to this is the vast amount of data the Exchange can offer us, and in turn, our clients, and it is not hard to see how valuable this partnership really is.
For new clients, storage for the first case of wine that you purchase from us is free for the remainder of the year. After that our charge is £16.50 (+VAT) per case per year insured at replacement value.
Absolutely we are always looking for sellers of wine. So give us a call with your stock holding. All external cases purchased must undergo a strict condition check and if the cases are in good condition as well as being stored in a reputable UK bonded warehouse, we would be happy to make an offer.
The majority of fine wine is kept in Bond to relieve it from UK Duty and VAT. As fine wine is classed as a ‘wasting asset’ it is also exempt from Capital Gains Tax.
When looking to exit the market, Capital Vintners can assist. Your wines can be listed on Liv-Ex (global trading platform for fine wine) or if you are looking for a quicker route to exit we can sell your stock through our broad client base, very quickly and easily.
With global brands such as Chateau Petrus producing a small supply, the higher the demand it has. Basic economics are so true in the fine wine market. The very best chateaux in Bordeaux and around the world only produce a limited supply of top quality wines every year, pushing up the demand every year as they become rarer. Thus the price increasing making it a very sought after collectible.

If any of your questions have not been answered in the above, please do not hesitate to email us at