Capital Vintners

Capital Vintners

Capital Vintners offers the service to purchase wines you may wish to sell as well as extend your fine wine collection. We mainly deal with the Bordeaux region however we are continuously looking for up and coming regions as well as Burgundy’s, Champagnes and Cotes du Rhone. We consider purchasing a wide variety of fine wines that have been stored in reliable bonded warehouses.

For external wine collectors, Capital Vintners offers a straightforward method for liquidation of your assets. Simply send in your external stockist and we will provide you with a current market value for your collection, in which you will be able, to select the wines you wish to sell. Please take into account these prices are an approximate as the market is always moving.

When happy to proceed, you must contact your storage facility and arrange transport to:

LCB (VINE) c/o LIV-EX on behalf of Capital Vintners.
Vine International a/c VININT
c/o London City Bond
29-30 Berths Tilbury Docks
RM18 7EH

All cases that arrive at Vine international undergo a mandatory condition check (£15/case + VAT). If stock arrives at Vine in poor condition it is up to the collector to find a replacement so it is recommended that you obtain your own condition reports from your current storage facility prior to moving your wine before selling. This charge is applied when once the cases have landed at Vine. They are then listed on Liv-Ex, once sold the capital will be received on the 28th of the following month.

Please note Capital Vintner’s charges 7%(+VAT) on the total sale price plus any storage that may be applicable (only if wines are held for over a period of a month).

If you are considering selling any cases of your fine wine, please do not hesitate to contact us so we can assist you further.