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A couple of fantastic Robert Parker-endorsed Bordeaux 2009 wines are making a splash right now.

Here at Capital Vintners we know that Bordeaux wines are always a great investment opportunity, with two wines in particular proving to be successful right now.
The Chateau Angelus 2009 and the Chateau Cos D’Estournel 2009 both featured in Robert Parker’s ‘Magical 20’. Parker – arguably the most respected Bordeaux wine critic in the world – has a 100 point wine system that is used by the wine industry all around the world. At Capital Vintners we only deal with wines with a Parker score of over 95 – the absolute best wines in the world.
What are even more impressive are the comments Parker made on these two wines. Of the Angelus, Parker said that it was an “impressive show winner” and gave it a score of 96-100. The Cos D’Estournel gained even more praise. Parker said of the Cos, “All the debate about this should now be over. Soft. Amazing. Deep. Concentrated. Not like any of the others. I love it.” The wine was given 98-100 points.

Keep an eye on these two wines, as they are likely to skyrocket in value.