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Capital Vintners
Bad weather across Europe has led to a terrible harvest this year, with wine experts expecting a 20 per cent drop in the grape harvest in France compared to last year.
The Champagne and Burgundy regions have been hit particularly badly, with the Chardonnay grape being affected more than most by the inclement weather. These areas could see a decline by up to 40 per cent. Bordeaux should get away with a much smaller drop – more like ten per cent.
Here at Capital Vintners we like to look for the positives. We believe that the quality of French wine will be as good, if not better than usual, as it will be more concentrated. Thierry Coste, an expert with the European Union farmers’ union, told Associated Press: “When it comes to quality, we are looking at a good year.”
At Capital Vintners we know that Bordeaux fine wine will always be a good investment. New technological advances in recent years mean that the top chateaux should be able to produce a vintage year.