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Is Champagne bucking the trend of ‘austerity Britain’? It would appear so. 
Champagne was hit hard during the economic slump but it would appear that it is now recovering and seeing high sales numbers.
Champagne is often called the ‘affordable luxury’ and more and more these days it is losing its ‘special occasion’ status. Low-price supermarket deals, combined with an availability of many fine Champagnes has led to a feeling of ‘everyday usage’ for this sparkling wine that was once a decadent luxury for the rich and famous.  
The largest areas of growth are likely to come from India and China. Although they both only have market shares of 0.4 and 0.7 per cent respectively, research indicates these figures have the potential to quadruple in the near future. 
Brands such as Pol Roger, Dom Perignon and Bollinger are featuring heavily as always. Capital Vintners specialises in all French fine wine regions, including Champagne. For any information on the fine wine market feel free to contact us on 0207 3783500.