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Chateau Margaux has hired Fangyuan Zheng, a business development manager, in Shanghai to overlook the Bordeaux producer’s sales across the region.
The esteemed French wine producer is building on its brand and relationships in China – Thibault Pontallier was appointed Margaux’s brand ambassador in Hong Kong in 2010 – in order to take full advantage of the growing Chinese market. 
In the past the heavy-hitting producers like Chateau Mouton Rothschild and Chateau Lafite dominated the Chinese market. These days, investors and drinkers alike are just as interested in other French producers, including Chateau Montrose, Margaux and Pichon Baron. 
French-born merchant Alexander Cros recently spoke to China Daily: “Now it is not just Beijing and Shanghai, it is the other cities where people are interested and want to understand different wines, not just Chateau Lafite.”
Here at Capital Vintners we understand how strong the Chinese market is right now. Currently the world’s fifth-largest wine market, China has developed a fondness for Bordeaux wines in particular. In 2010 China replaced the UK and Germany for the first time to become the largest importer of Bordeaux wine.
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