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Capital Vintners
The Champagne region of France, just like Bordeaux and Burgundy, did not have a good year weather-wise and suffered a smaller harvest than usual. 
But initial reports indicate the 2012 Champagne vintage could be a very good one.


The chefs de cave at both Louis Roederer and Perrier-Jouet have expressed their excitement in anticipation of a cracking vintage, even comparing it with 1990.

Benoit Gouez, the chef de cave at Moet & Chandon, remarked that “considering the health of the grapes, the level of maturity and the balance with acidity, I am very confident in the vintage potential of this harvest.”

The weather throughout 2012 was extremely difficult for all wine growers across France. The Champagne region experienced a cool summer, mildew in July and a windy August, making it all the more impressive that the harvest appears to be in very good shape. Technological advances have made it easier for producers to battle natural forces and ensure a solid vintage is possible.

Capital Vintners looks forward to the fruits of the Champagne 2012 harvest.