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Capital Vintners
Here at Capital Vintners we like to keep as up to date as possible on movements in the global fine wine market. China is currently importing a significant amount of Bordeaux wine. No longer are the Chinese only buying the top wines; they have started to diversity their portfolios, further increasing imports and diversifying Chinese tastes for various grapes and chateaux.      
Georges Haushalter, President of the Bordeaux Wine Council, said: “What we want to do is help the Chinese customers learn about wines, so that they can discover new chateaux and diversify their tastes.” 
Three years ago, there were two Bordeaux chateaux owned by Chinese entrepreneurs. Now there are thirty.  
According to data from the Bordeaux Wine Council, over the past year, the overall export value of Bordeaux wines has hit a record high at £1.84 billion. The exports to China rose 38 per cent (from last year) to £283 million. 
The Chinese fine wine market is strong and will continue to be for the foreseeable future.