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Storage & Management

Once you have purchased your wines, Capital Vintners can provide storage in a government bonded warehouse so that your wine collection can mature in perfect conditions. The bonded warehouse we use is Vine International, a partner company of Liv-ex. They are renowned for their meticulous storage, settlement and distribution services. We have found them to be excellent providers in terms of efficiency, cost-effectiveness and technical attention to detail, especially when dealing with stock condition checks.

Our storage costs are £16.50 per item per year + VAT

Why Vine?

Vine offers a unique and seamless solution to fine wine storage and transport. This includes:

  • Temperature controlled, highly secure warehouse space at the heart of international trade in London, Bordeaux and Hong Kong.
  • A team of dedicated, highly-skilled experts.
  • Fully documented standards of practice to ensure consistency and transparency.
  • Unique case identifiers (UIDs), condition checks and photographs to allow validation of case identity and ownership as well as efficient tracking and location.
  • Easy-to-use web access to stock records, movement details and photographs.
  • An Instant Transfer system, allowing change of ownership with a single click. This eliminates physical movement, reduces costs and risks, saves time and allows for higher stock turnover.
Cellar View

Capital Vintners is one of only a handful of companies offering their clients access to a unique online portal in which they can view their fine wine portfolio. Using software developed in house by our team of specialist technicians, customers’ stock lists are automatically updated with information from our storage providers and displayed in an easy-to-access format for clients to refer to at their leisure. This includes case UIDs or rotation numbers, location (Vine International) and value at the time of purchase. Clients also have the option of requesting a condition check through Cellar View for any one of their cases of wine at any time.