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Capital Vintners

Yet another Bordeaux estate bought by Chinese tycoon

The Chinese taste for buying up French wine estates has not ceased, with news of yet another Chinese businessman buying Chateau Bellefont-Belcier.   More importantly Bellefont-Belcier has Grande Cru Classe status, making it the first one under Chinese ownership.   Herve Olivier, the regional director of SAFER – a government agency that oversees rural land development – believes […]

Capital Vintners: Champagne 2012 Report Continued

Is Champagne bucking the trend of ‘austerity Britain’? It would appear so.  Champagne was hit hard during the economic slump but it would appear that it is now recovering and seeing high sales numbers. Champagne is often called the ‘affordable luxury’ and more and more these days it is losing its ‘special occasion’ status. Low-price supermarket deals, […]

Capital Vintners: Eye on Europe

EU wine regions lobby against vineyard extension plans The European Commission (EC) expects to see a freeing up of planning rights across European vineyards starting in January 2016. This could completely change the landscape of the European wine industry.  So far 15 EU countries – including France, Italy, Spain and Portugal – have formally objected to proposals […]