Capital Vintners

Capital Vintners

Satisfied- A small portfolio recommended by Capital Vintners I have every confidence they will perform well in the next few years. Capital Vintners agreed to sell a quality of wines for me. At every stage I received helpful information and guidance. Happy with their work.

H.A – Norfolk (January 2016)

I have been building a small portfolio of fine wines with Capital Vintners since 2009. Over this period I have been keeping my own records and documentation on the wines that I had in bond. I had often thought that it would be nice to have the ability to log onto a web site and bring up all the details. I was pleasantly surprised when Capital Vintners announced the arrival of Cellar View rolling out for their clients. This concise data base in its early stages is superb and I am sure that as time goes on it will be modified and refined to cover all aspects of managing a personal portfolio of fine wines. Well done Capital Vintners.

D.T, Ayrshire (August 2014)

As you know we only began investing in the fine wine market with Capital Vintners in October/November last year and it is amazing that in less than 12 months we have made a profit of £875 (17%) on the sale of one case, which you sold for us recently. I am so pleased that I chose to invest my pension nest egg with Capital Vintners and would like to thank my broker and yourself for your valuable advise in setting up and managing our portfolio. I would be more than happy to recommend you and Capital Vintners to anyone looking to obtain a good return on their investment in the fine wine market.

N.W, Wolverhampton (October 2013)

I would like to record my appreciation of the service I have received from Capital Vintners. The helpful and friendly up-to-date advice on the wine market. I am given is invaluable with many thanks.

B.M.H- Buckinghamshire (June 2016)

Great team! Always a pleasure dealing with the Nagar and Chris.

K.H Birmingham (April 2018)

Our first contact with Capital Vintners, everything to our fullest satisfaction. Uncomplicated handling and fast and secure delivery as well as friendly and attentive staff. It is a pleasure making business.

E.E Germany (October 2016)

I have been given excellent advice, been alerted to market swings and had my portfolio regularly updated. The newsletters I have received are very informative. Thank you.

B.C, Woking (April 2014)

Capital Vintners provided me with a first class service; I am more than happy with my association with their enthusiastic team. You’re doing a great job!

T.D – Thetford (August 2016)

Kirsty, Your help in sourcing the wine and your guidance has been very much appreciated from our side. We would without hesitation recommend Capital Vintners and hopefully have chance to ask for your assistance soon again.

S.G, London (April 2015)

Joseph and Nagar have been very helpful and informative in my buying and selling transactions. Keep up the excellent service.

M.H Walsall (July 2017)

Dear Capital Vintners,

I just had to write and thank you for the assistance you have given me in choosing wine and subsequent advice on when to sell.

The sale of the Mouton Rothschild which I purchased in 2009, was one of the first wines in which I had invested and it has made me a profit of 30%.

I am delighted with your assistance in explaining the virtues of wine, the many chateaus and their wine descriptions etc. I will not hesitate in using your knowledge and recommendations in the future.

Very Many Thanks,

J H, Gloucester (April 2013)

My broker calls me regularly to update me on my portfolio and new wine offers. My broker was very helpful when it came to the sale of my wines; the suggested sale time meant I made a 3% profit on my wines even when the market was not at its best.

L.O, Cambridge (March 2015)

I am pleased to say that my dealings with Capital Vintners have been conducted very satisfactorily. When the sales were completed, I then received prompt payments. I could not fault their reliability and courteous attention given.

C.B, Nottingham (March 2014)

Even in a tough time for the market, you were able to show me a return of 3%. Your response to my need for funds was efficient and the sale process was straight forward and simple.

J.E – Warwick (August 2016)

Capital Vintners’ invaluable support has been appreciated by me over the past few months. Your prompt attention and communication helped enormously, and I look forward to our continued association.

W.M, Isle of Man (June 2014)

We were very pleased with the service, which we received from Capital Vintners during the sale process.

We now look forward to you handling the sale of more of our wine portfolio. We trust that you will then repeat the high level of service we experienced on our recent transaction. Thank you again for your efficient and professional assistance in this matter.

P.B, London (November 2013)

I have dealt with Capital Vintners for 5 years. They have bought or sold for me with reliability and security.

V.W, Perth (October 2013)

With returns from financial institution virtually non-existent, an approach from Capital Vintners just over two years ago persuaded me to invest in fine wine. Since then I have regularly been given helpful advice, and a useful portfolio has been assembled.

As I was very much aware of how much I was investing, and in my cautious opinion risking, I was greatly encouraged last year when my broker at CV contacted me to say he had another client who was interested in acquiring one of the wines I held. The price I was offered was too good to refuse, and my net return after holding the wine in question for just 16 months was an impressive 39.8%.

That return may have been exceptional, especially over such a short period, but it demonstrates the interest the firm takes in its investors.

B.C, Durham (March 2013)

Alongside the great service I have received on selling my wine that I had purchased through another wine company I have made a considerable return on new wine even during testing market conditions. Highly recommend them.

F.C Manchester (October 2018)

I am writing to let you know how impressed I am with your service and especially my portfolio manager. His always very helpful, efficient and cheerful. He rings me regularly and keeps me informed with every thing that happens in the world wine market.

He is a credit to you guys.

Keep up the good work and all the best to you all.

I.S, East Sussex (May 2013)

Cellar View makes it really easy to see what is in my wine portfolio. It’s simple to log in and easy to understand. This means when I’m chatting to my broker about the wines, I can see exactly which ones he’s referring to and I am able to make quick decisions as to what I would like to do with them.

R.B, Ayr (September 2014)

After trying several Vintners, Capital vintners is the only firm I would trust with any further investments. The brokers are informative and polite and improvements and involving are constantly adding to the services.

P.S- Swindon (November 2015)

The whole selling process was very straightforward and accomplished with a couple of emails. My contacts, Nagar and Kirsty, were a pleasure to deal with. Capital Vintners provided an accurate forecast of likely selling prices and their sales charges are reasonable. I would definitely use Capital Vintners again and have no hesitation in recommending them.

N.C Norwich (October 2016)

After a very disappointing experience with another company I am slowly regaining confidence in fine wine as an investment, with the assistance of my broker.

He contacts me regularly to update me with the performance of my portfolio and give me advice.

He is consistently courteous and helpful. While he regularly suggests new additions to my portfolio I am not constantly put under pressure to purchase new stock.

J.B.S, Banbridge (Feb 2016)

Thank you, Capital Vintners for a continued faultless service.

M.H Yorkshire (August 2018)

Having purchased from Capital Vintners ten cases of wine, I have sold one case after holding it for approximately 12 months and making a profit of 22 per cent. The other cases are showing good profits.

Capital Vintners have also attended to insurance and storage for my wines, giving a very good service.

B.H, West Yorkshire ( December 2014)

I had excellent service, especially when I wanted to sell my wine. Thank you.

S.S, Leicester (November 2013)

Excellent service, especially when it came to the sale of my wine. Thank you.

S.S – Kent (July 2015)

If you are looking to invest in wine I would strongly recommend Capital Vintners. Unlike a certain other wine company, speaking from personal experience, they have never let me down. The staff are extremely helpful and, if I ask to sell a case of wine, this has always been carried out- even in difficult times. Capital Vintners are ‘simply the best’ and very reliable!

F.B, Dumfriesshire (March 2013)

After having a previous bad experience in the market, I am forever grateful that Capital Vintners was able to help me recoup some of my losses.

M.M Hampshire (January 2017)

At a time when “cold calling” is so rife it was a pleasant surprise to talk with a young chap from your company whose quiet approach encouraged me to listen to what was on offer without my usual rapid cut off. This resulted in a quick assessment of the market place, which encouraged me to make a small investment. Your Brokers professional approach is exceptional these days and I am kept clearly in picture about movements in the market.

So far the returns have been excellent more than justifying my faith in your operation. I would have no hesitation in recommending your company and its staff to anyone looking for a good return on their investment.

J.G, Devon (September 2013)

I would like to tell you how much your invaluable support has been appreciated by me over the past few months.

So you are aware the bankruptcy of Bordeaux UK left me in an invidious position when in need of funds. Your prompt attention and communication helped enormously.

I look forward to our continued association, and a talent like yours will soon be promoted to the higher scholars on your company. Thank you once more.

W.R.B, York (May 2015)

I was well informed as to the performance of my wines. I also had good contact with my broker.

M.K, Tewkesbury (April 2014)

I have dealt with Capital Vintners for 5 years, they have brought and sold for me reliably and securely.

V.W – Perth (September 2015)

Capital Vintners provide a good selection of wines for which they arrange good storage facilities. Having to sell at short notice for health reasons, I receive courteous attention and quickly received the agreed payment. I will be looking forward to renewing my association with the company.

D.B, Vienna (February 2014)

Overall, I’m extremely pleased with the service at Capital Vintners. I dealt with Nagar who was very helpful and efficient in regards to my wines.

M.J Hertfordshire (December 2018)

After being with Capital Vintners for a few years now, they have selected some very good wines for me. The cases I have sold through them were done with ease; I also made a good profit on them too.

N.A – Middlesex (June 2015)

I am in receipt of your letter dated 25th August 2011, containing your cheque for proceeds of two cases of wine from my portfolio.

Thanks for your excellent advise and direction concerning my investments into the wine market, the handsome profits shown in these transactions is a testimony to your guidance and an incentive for me to continue investing in the fine wines market.

Suffice to say, I am very pleased with the outcome.

R.M, Essex (June 2013)

I have sold many cases of wine through Capital Vintners. I have been satisfied with the way they handle the process. Price quotes are provided quickly, the management of the sales have always been conducted in an efficient manner and payments have been made promptly. An addition their communication has been good and always courteous and friendly.

J.R- York (February 2016)

I have been a client of Capital Vintners for the region of around 2 years now who are engaged in the business of dealing in “Exclusive” wines where by means a client purchases a case of top grade wine at a price the case is valued at when Capital Vintners purchase it.

The case is held in their vault for a period of time until their experienced staff decide to withdraw it, it is sold by auction to get the client a good price in the region of 15-25% profit return & the profit is tax free.

The charge for the business is 10% that is only on the profit the case sells at as the client retains the buying price they bought the case at the time of purchasing it.

The company are very good to its clients also as they do their best to look after clients who are of medium means to clients who are of higher means.

J.N, Durham (October 2014)

I would have no hesitation recommending Capital Vintners to anyone! They do all they promise and more. They are efficient, knowledgeable of the wine business and informative of it for which I thank them.

C.B, Lancashire (October 2013)

I was very pleased at the easiness of selling my wine and to have a pay date was measuring to look for payment.

S.B- Portsmouth January (April 2016)

Very Satisfied- Full information was provided at each stage of the transaction. The advice given was clear and judicious. Out was able to ask questions and they were answered directly and acceivatley.

R.H- County Durham (February 2016)

Since purchasing wines from capital vintners, I have gradually been refining my wine portfolio with the expert knowledge from Joseph Shaughnessy whom Is very pleasant and knowledgeable.

R.D Reading (February 2018)

When dealing with quality wines one needs a wine that can offer, an extremely detailed knowledge of all wines, works in an ethical manner, believes the customer should be contacted every few days, and can be relied on implicitly. I am pleased to say that my dealings with Capital Vintners have been conducted very satisfactorily when the sales were completed, I then received prompt payments, I could not fault their reliability and cautious attention given.

C.B – Nottingham (July 2016)

Nothing has been too much trouble. I have been given excellent advice my portfolio regularly updates. Newsletters received are very informative.

K.C – Greater Manchester (September 2015)

Well informed as to performance of wines volume. Due to unforeseen illness, wines nearly thought were moved to one side. Good contact with broker. Very well satisfied.

M.A.K – Gloucester (December 2015)

I would just like to write and thank you all for your help and advice. I have just made a 38% profit in just a year, how many investments can give you that?

I have also found it very interesting to learn about the different wines, and producers with the included tasting notes. With five years insurance and storing included, I think it is excellent.

I look forward to making more profits in the future.

G.S, Dunbartonshire (September 2013)

For over the last year now my broker has been consistently helpful and has been a pleasure to deal with. He has kept me up to date with the latest movements in the wine market and has found me some very promising wine deals.

I have great pleasure in giving him a 100 rating.

G.B, Worthing (September 2014)

After getting many cold calls, I finally found Capital Vintners. With them I was able to sell some of my wine portfolio as well as buy new wines at great prices.

D.K, Manchester (March 2015)

I first purchased fine wine from Capital Vintners in May 2009. At the time it seemed to good to be true and was very unsure that I had done the right thing. However I am happy to say I have sold a case of wine in September 2010 and the resulting return has exceeded my expectations, and hope this will continue in the future.

E.M, Forfar (Janurary 2015)

Capital Vintners did all they could to meet my requirements. Their response to my emails was good.

D.P, Staffordshire (Feb 2015)

I had many pleasant conversations with your staff; I should mention my conversations with Kirsty were always helpful.

R.H, Staffordshire (Feb 2015)

I have been very impressed with the level of service Capital Vintners have been able to provide. I’ve found them to be knowledgeable, provide great customer service and I’ll definitely be coming back for another order in the future.

J.G, London (April 2014)