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Bordeaux 2017: the frost vintage, or something more?

Following their return from Bordeaux en primeur tastings, UK wine merchants seem keen to sway the narrative that has dominated discussion of the 2017 vintage so far: the infamous April frosts. While roughly 40% of the potential crop suffered as a result of the plummeting temperatures in in late April – the equivalent of 240 […]


Margaux 2015 – the best of the bunch?

Back in November, it was announced that Chateaux Margaux 2015 would be released onto the secondary market in a special commemorative bottle. Just a few days after this announcement, the price of a 12×75 shot up by almost £1000, and today it has risen by almost three times its En Primeur release price. A special […]


Fine champagne: fizzing with potential

Champagne enjoyed the highest ever listing in the recently published 2017 Liv-ex Power 100, with it’s top performer Krug occupying 15th place. Liv-ex director Justin Gibbs says “it’s a 2002 story,” referring to the hotly anticipated release of this highly acclaimed vintage back in February. But it’s not just about the Krug 2000. Champagne is […]


Fine wine’s “unresolved issues”

No-one can argue that this year hasn’t been a good one for the secondary fine wine market but, as Liv-ex’s end of year report explains, there are some unresolved issues moving forward into 2018. A growing market for investment wine Among the good news is Burgundy’s increasing market share and price growth – a sure […]


What Bordeaux 2017 means for investors

The Bordeaux 2017 harvest is looking like a truly mixed bag – ‘très hétérogène’ in Bordelais terms. One one hand, the Southern French wineries have had a collection of disastrous setbacks including spring frost, a hot summer provoking an early harvest, and grape theft. On the other, all the extra effort that has gone into […]


Lafite Rothschild in China

Since it’s inauguration in 2008, the world’s most eagerly awaited vinicultural venture has been the subject of much speculation. There were questions about why the Domaines Barons de Rothschild (Lafite) China project had picked the unremarkable Shandong province over the well-known Ningxia wine region, why the project had been stalled in its infancy, and why […]


China and Bordeaux Wine

CHINA AND BORDEAUX WINE Around the world especially in the new and up and coming markets many merchants have focused on purchasing wines of the 1855 classification of the Medoc region. The intent of the classification was not to give ordered status to the 61 chateaux over the various domains in Bordeaux forever, at nearly […]


Burgundy joins First Growths list

Liv-ex has recently released its updated first growth list and it appears to contain wines from different regions – not just Bordeaux. Burgundy has secured 12 of the 19 placings of new “Premier Cru” on the list. For Burgundy wine to qualify on the list of first growths a good plot of land is paramount […]


En Primeur: an end to the battle over fine wine prices?

In their latest report on Bordeaux fine wine, Liv-ex lays out the case for greater transparency in En Primeur pricing – a lack of which has been the main source of growing discontent with the system among collectors and merchants alike. “While the rest of the market has become increasingly transparent, En Primeur prices continue […]


Antonio Galloni on top Bordeaux wines of 2016

Once upon a time, 15% of all Bordeaux wine was sold as “futures” or “en primeur”. Today that figure is down to just 2% and, with each year that passes, the success of the annual Bordeaux En Primeur campaign hangs further in the balance. The idea was once that savvy collectors could get their hands […]


Liv-ex members predict soaring fine wine prices in 2017

At the start of each year, London’s International Vintners Exchange asks its members to draw on their expertise and knowledge of the market to predict price rises for the coming year. Merchants are asked specifically to estimate the closing level of the Liv-ex 100 index – the index that tracks price movements of the 100 […]


Harvest of 2016 Bordeaux wines largest in 10 years

En Primeur 2016 is just round the corner, and it’s looking to be a fruitful one indeed. Last October’s harvest of top Bordeaux wines was the largest in over a decade, according to official figures. A total production of 577.2 million litres of the fine reds and whites – over 770 million bottles – was […]


Bordeaux wines and Chateau Lafite Rothschild in the news

Both Bordeaux 2007 and two back vintages of Lafite have hit the headlines this month. The region got off to a slow start this year, accounting for only 61.6% of all trade as opposed to the 74.7% average of 2016, but select brands and vintages have shown good activity so far. Lafite Rothschild in numbers […]


Capital Vintners’ storage and distribution service handles millionth case of wine

Vine International, the fine wine industry’s most esteemed storage & distribution service, handled its millionth case of fine wine earlier this month. Since the introduction of unique case identifiers (UIDs) in 2009, a breakthrough in accountability that allows every case to be accurately tracked through the system, Vine’s services have become increasingly in demand. “It’s […]


Top 10 fine wine labels of 2016

Top 10 fine wine labels of 2016 A list of the top 10 best-performing investment wine labels of 2016 shows top Bordeaux wines reclaiming the spotlight as well as a continued broadening of the market as a whole. Liv-ex reported that, over the last year, more than 4,000 fine wines from 670 different brands have […]


A winning year for fine wine investment

Just a year ago, Capital Vintners was reporting on the sense of “cautious optimism” felt in the wine industry for the year of business ahead. Though 2015 hadn’t been particularly bright, the outlook for the future wasn’t that bad either – for the first time in five years, the Liv-ex Fine Wine 100 index had […]


Supermoon may add “living force” to 2016 vintage wines

You’re probably already thinking, “What a load of rubbish – how could the moon possibly affect fine wine production?” But with so many Bordeaux vineyards switching to biodynamic agriculture in recent decades with fantastic results, the lunar effect is indeed one worth considering. ‘Wines most likely to show any kind of lunar effect will be […]


What Donald Trump means for the fine wine market

Whether your reaction is one of downright despair, tentative curiosity or outright glee, one thing is clear: Donald Trump has won the US presidential election with resounding success. As a keen businessman with a family winery, what will his presidency mean for the global fine wine market? Wine collectors hold their breaths For the second […]


Bordeaux wines: 2014 vintage reviews and second wines in the spotlight

Yesterday, UK wine traders enjoyed a tasting of Bordeaux 2014 at a Union of Bordeaux Grand Crus (UGC) event in London. All in all it was described as a “good” vintage that has yet to reach its maximum potential. “It’s not quite up there in the rarefied heights of say, the 2001 or 2009, but […]


Burgundy fine wine harvest blighted by extreme weather

Burgundian wine growers are struggling to salvage as many grapes as possible from a growing season that has been blighted by hail, frost and mildew from day one. “Every grape counts,” said the Burgundy wine bureau, the BVIB, in its latest 2016 harvest update. “Various hiccups in the weather left their mark on the vines… […]


Christie’s to auction Avery family collection of fine and rare wines

On 20th October, get yourself down to London for what promises to be “one of the finest and most comprehensive collections of old and rare wine ever to appear at auction.” Christie’s auction house has announced that it will be auctioning a large part of the Avery family cellar – one of Bristol’s oldest and […]


Petrus reaches new heights as weak sterling boosts fine wine market

The weaker pound continues to boost global fine wine indices as trade in eight vintages of Petrus hit record highs last month. Angelus, another much-loved Right Bank wine, also saw a boom in sales of several of its back vintages in July. Since the market started to rally late last year, it has been on […]


Investors driven towards physical assets as markets go volatile

Alternative investments are back in fashion. High-net worth investors are turning to Ferraris, rare diamonds and Burgundy wine as they grapple with ultra-low interest rates and the volatile stock market.   And if this is not good news enough, a recent survey carried out by the British wine industry showed that one in four wealth […]


England makes a sparkling debut on the fine wine market

English wine has officially joined the ranks of world-renowned brands such as Petrus and Dom Perignon, by making a sparkling debut on the market with Sussex fizz Nyetimber. To mark the beginning of August, Nyetimber traded a six-bottle case of their Classic Cuvée – England’s most famous name in sparkling wine and the first ever […]


Fine Wine 50 joins global indices on a bullish run

The Fine Wine 50 index closed Tuesday last week at 304.05, its highest level since October 2013. Global indices are joining the race, with the S&P 500 and Dow Jones hitting all-time highs, and the FTSE 100 striking an 11-month high. The global wine market has been boosted by a weaker Sterling this year, with […]


Fine wine post ‘Brexit’: sour grapes, or a question of improving with age?

If Brexit were a fine wine, it would be a dusty, sediment-laden Petrus 1965 found at the back of a Spanish farmer’s kitchen cupboard, given a good shaking and left to settle on a sunny windowsill. No-one agrees with the way it’s been handled and no-one has high hopes for its future, but we’re going […]


China to protect legal status of all still Bordeaux wine appellations

Following an agreement that China would recognise Bordeaux as a protected GI (geographical indication) in June 2015, last week Beijing agreed to protect the legal status of all still wine appellations in the region. In a country where the counterfeiting of French wines is rife due to the glamorisation of Bordeaux and an obsession with […]


Brand New Bordeaux wines: 2015 En Primeur offers

Capital Vintners is delighted to finally be offering wines En Primeur. This week, to celebrate the fact, we thought we’d give you a glimpse of the history behind some of the great Bordeaux chateaux – namely Beychevelle, Clinet, Domaine de Chevalier and Grand Puy Lacoste. More wines to follow! Get in touch with one of our […]


English Wine Week 2016: can Britain compete with European fine wines?

It’s English Wine Week this week, with a variety of events taking place across the country at retail outlets, hotels, restaurants and vineyards to mark the occasion. Between rapidly rising demand and increasingly favourable growing conditions, there has never been a better time to celebrate the flourishing English wine industry. And with the referendum on […]


Japanese Manga meets investment wine

Authors of international best-selling Manga phenomenon, The Drops of God, have been awarded Asian Wine Personality of the year for their significant contribution to the fine wine industry. Shin and Yuko Kibayashi have been credited with igniting a passion for fine wine both among young Japanese readers and across the globe, with their 44-volume weekly […]


April Activity on the Fine Wine Market

The market’s benchmark index, the Liv-ex Fine Wine 100, closed April on a high for the fifth consecutive month for the first time since early 2011. So far this year, the index has gained 6.1%.  The bid:offer ratio at the end of the month – the amount of bids received against offers made – was […]


First 2015 Bordeaux wines released: En Primeur update

Yesterday, the first handful of 2015 Bordeaux wines were released onto the market.   A few critics have already had their say on the En Primeur wines, and feedback ranges from “extremely exciting” to “very inconsistent”.   En Primeur wine as an investment Interest in En Primeur wines as an investment has decreased in recent […]


Capital Vintners features in Raconteur Magazine

Capital Vintners is proud to feature in Raconteur magazine’s April 2016 edition, distributed widely and for free at tube stations across London. Aiming “to connect the growing ranks of intelligent readers with leading analysis and commentary on global current affairs”, April’s edition features articles such as “EU signs refugee return deal”, “The not very International Monetary Fund” […]


Fine Wine Marches On

It is the news we have all been waiting for – investors are finally returning to the fine wine marketplace.  The Liv-ex Fine Wine 100 – the industry’s “benchmark” index – has closed March up 2.69%, its fourth consecutive monthly rise and the index’s largest month-on-month rise since February 2013, when it rose 3.05%. “With just […]


Is the fine wine market ready for Bordeaux En Primeur 2015?

Things have been unusually quiet in the run up to the Bordeaux 2015 En Primeur tastings, due to be held next week, probably because previous campaigns have not always been a success. But there is hope for the En Primeur market yet – that is, as long as prices are sensibly allocated to vintage that […]


The Eagle has Landed: Californian fine wines and their place in your portfolio

As the 2009 vintage is announced as one of the top 10 lots to feature at Sotheby’s upcoming spring Hong Kong sale, and due to the recent release of the 2013, Screaming Eagle has been in the press a lot lately. But does this highly-priced trophy wine have any place in a diversified portfolio? This […]


Having a Dry January? Try Sauvignon Blanc…

Whether you’ve been abstaining from the glorious grape this month or not, now we are nearing the end of January it’s time to consider the science behind temporary teetotalism. Was it worth it? And, more importantly, as we inevitably slip back into our old habits, is there any scientific case for moderate, daily wine consumption? […]


Toasting the future: the effects of global warming on fine wine production

What with the unseasonably warm winter so far and the fact that half of Britain is virtually underwater, it is difficult to deny the fact that global warming is happening. But how will this affect our beloved grapes… and is it all bad news? Last week we mused about the future of fine wine in […]


“Cautious optimism” for the Fine Wine Market in 2016

Although the arrival of a new year may often seem like nothing but the arbitrary passing of time, it nevertheless offers a comfortable, if illusory, starting point from which to contemplate the future. The reality is that the fine wine market ran mostly flat last year – the ‘ups’ of summer 2014 failed to carry […]


Super Sassicaia: the story of Italy’s top investment-grade wine

It’s a classic Italian tale, blending simplicity with superiority and permeated with due lashings of family rivalry and patriotism. In 1941, when the aristocrat Mario Incisa della Rocchetta (pronounced Incheesa della Rocketta) decided to plant a few Cabernet Sauvignon vines on a neglected farm on the coast of Tuscany to whet his appetite for fine […]


The Liv-ex 2015 Fine Wine Power Brands

The tenth edition of the Liv-ex ‘Power 100’ – an annual list of the 100 most powerful fine wine brands in the world – has been released in conjunction with the Drinks Business this month. Scores were calculated from a list of all wines and vintages traded over the past year (September 2014 – August […]


Will burgeoning Burgundy be the new Bordeaux?

On the face of it, top Burgundy wine has suffered this year, overtaken in the autumn by Italy and Champagne as the second most traded region after Bordeaux. A closer look at the figures, however, reveals an altogether different story. Burgundy is still the top performer in terms of value – in fact, prices have […]


Fine wine returns tower over those of stock, gold and property, a new report shows

  In a recent report on the state of the market, investment-grade wine emerged as far more lucrative than the more traditional asset types of stock, gold and property. The Liv-ex Investables index has appreciated by a staggering 1474% since 1988, almost double that of the Dow Jones Industrial 30, followed closely by the S&P […]


Bordeaux bounces back with 2015 harvest ‘magic’

After five years of steady decline in Bordeaux fine wine trade, fingers are firmly crossed throughout the region as this year’s harvest proves promising and plentiful. Renaud Ruer, a leading Bordeaux negociant, has heard “magic” things from the Médoc, and thinks Château Margaux will produce the best Left Bank wine this year. Early harvest makes […]


The Capital Vintners Guide to Fine Wine Investment – Part 3

The Wines – What to include in your portfolio In the final part of our guide for the aspiring wine collector, we get to the heart of the matter – the wines themselves. Having discussed the market and the basics of fine wine as an investment strategy, we look at the performance of each of […]


The Capital Vintners Guide to Fine Wine Investment – Part 2

The Basics – How to begin a vintage wine collection Diversifying into alternative types of investment can seem a daunting task, let alone putting together a cellar full of carefully chosen vintage wines. In the second part of our beginner’s guide for novice wine collectors, we want to explore the practicalities of getting started with […]


Bordeaux 2014 Harvest

Last week the Bordeaux harvest  began for the 2014 vintage, and hopes are high thanks to some beautiful weather in the region. Typically it is the Merlot grapes that are picked before the Cabernet Sauvignon, making the Right Bank busier in the opening week of the Bordeaux red harvest. We are already getting reports from […]


Baroness Philippine de Rothschild dies, aged 80

Philippine de Rothschild has died at the age of 80. Baroness Philippine was one of the most influential people in the wine world in the 20th century, She took over the running of Mouton Rothschild, one of only five Bordeaux First Growth estates, in 1988. Now Mouton is considered one of the most sought-after wines […]


Are we Seeing an Upturn in Fortunes for Bordeaux?

2014 has been a difficult year so far for Bordeaux. However there are signs that the downturn is coming to an end. Last week Liv-ex (London International Vintners Exchange) reported that its top five ‘market movers’ were five vintages of the Bordeaux First Growth, Haut Brion (1995,2000,2006,2009,2010). This was great news for Bordeaux, not least […]


Capital Vintners: Eye on Asia

On November 23 the Chinese Wine Conference was held in Beijing. The theme of the conference was ‘Let the Chinese People Love Wine’, in an effort to promote wine drinking across this vast country. China is now the fifth biggest market for Burgundy, and the Bordeaux market in Asia is still strong. Hong Kong is now the wine […]


2012 Burgundies expected to be excellent

A selection of fine Burgundy wines Capital Vintners can report that although wine production across the whole of France was down this year – smallest harvest in 37 years – Burgundies in particular are expected to be fantastic. Expected to be down 30 per cent from last year, the Burgundy 2012 harvest will be small […]