Vine International, the fine wine industry’s most esteemed storage & distribution service, handled its millionth case of fine wine earlier this month.

Since the introduction of unique case identifiers (UIDs) in 2009, a breakthrough in accountability that allows every case to be accurately tracked through the system, Vine’s services have become increasingly in demand.

“It’s great to see so many Liv-ex members making use of these services”, said Liv-ex’s co-director, Anthony Maxwell. “We’ve recently expanded our warehouse team and capacity to handle the increased demand – and it was exciting to witness the millionth case pass through Vine recently.”

The landmark case that tipped the figure into seven digits was one of Meo-Camuzet Vosne-Romanée Cros Parantoux 2014.

Fine wine storage at Vine

Vine works from three facilities at the heart of international fine wine trade in London, Bordeaux and Hong Kong. The warehouses are temperature controlled and highly secured, offering the best conditions for your wine.

Due to the optimum storage conditions, Vine is able to issue a Standard-In-Bond (SIB) Passport. Every wine coming into a warehouse is inspected, photographed, given a condition check and verified. “The team are increasingly being trained to spot counterfeits”, says Vine’s head of operations, Ashley Hopkins.

Along with the innovative UIDs and SIB Passports, Vine has implemented an Instant Transfer system, allowing change of ownership of a case of wine with a single click. This eliminates physical movement, reduces costs and risks, saves time and allows for higher stock turnover.

“We have been working hard to innovate by investing in initiatives such as SIB Passport and Instant Transfer, which are making it much more efficient to settle trades for fine wine,” says Maxwell. 

Vine also offers its clients easy-to-use web access to stock records, movement details and photographs, and standards of practice are fully documented and overseen by a team of dedicated experts.

Capital Vintners and Vine

Capital Vintners began using the Liv-ex partner company a few years ago due to their high reputation for efficiency, and is not surprised to hear of the organisation’s recent successes.

We have found them to be excellent providers in terms of cost-effectiveness and technical attention to detail, especially when dealing with stock condition checks.

Most importantly, we trust the company with our clients’ wine. If you are a client of ours and have any questions or comments about how your wine has been handled, stored or transported, give us a call and we will give your query our utmost attention.