The weaker pound continues to boost global fine wine indices as trade in eight vintages of Petrus hit record highs last month.

Angelus, another much-loved Right Bank wine, also saw a boom in sales of several of its back vintages in July.

Since the market started to rally late last year, it has been on a steady uphill journey helped by the recent dip in Sterling value, giving Dollar and Euro buyers a newfound incentive to buy great wines at great prices.

Bordeaux wines: Right Bank success

The Right Bank has been holding its ground in the secondary and auction markets for some time now.

The Petrus index, which tracks the 10 most recent physical vintages of the highly-acclaimed Pomerol, is up 12.7% since November 2015 – outperforming its parent index, the Right Bank 50, by 4.1% over the same period.

As usual, it’s the more ‘accessible’ vintages that have gained the most – the 2011 has increased by 8% since June this year.

Meanwhile, the 2009 and 2010 vintages of Angelus both traded at unscaled heights in July, and the 2001 and 2004 also set new records. The 2010 was up 12% from April, and a whopping 40% from June 2014 – its lowest ever trade price.

This was no doubt boosted by its elevation to 99+ points last year by Robert Parker from an initial rating of 94-96.

Bordeaux wines: Left Bank success

Over on the Left Bank, Saint Julien’s Talbot has also had a successful summer.

It’s 2002 has done surprisingly well considering Parker gave it a 78-point rating and called it “thin, meek, austere and shallow”, and has been trading for more than its sibling 2010, rated 94 and deemed “one of the best Talbots of recent years”!

Overall, the Talbot index, which tracks its 10 most recent physical vintages, has outperformed the Left Bank 200, its parent index, by 13.5%.

Buy Petrus, but which vintage?

Liv-ex suggests a few Petrus vintages, based on the price-over-points ratio (POP) system (the price of the wine divided by a 20-point score to create a loose measure of value), that may be of interest to buyers.

The 2008, for example, has a Parker score of 97 and and the lowest POP score of all Petrus vintages since 1999. The 100-point scoring 2009 and 2010 also offers “relative value” – the 2010 has the fifth lowest POP score and presents a 31% discount to the 97+ rated 2005.

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