Ongoing Asian interest in the fine wine market has no signs of slowing down as fresh consumer awareness on Bordeaux. The 2005 vintages in particular, are supporting evidence that the province is witnessing a growth in fortunes in the fine wine trade.

Numerous fine wine trade forecasters have reported growing stability in the market over the past few months. This was the result of a long term decline in the market. The Bordeaux region, which accounts for the majority of the market, has seen growing momentum in 2005 vintages as opposed to the recent domination if the 2009’s and 2010’s.

The 2005 vintage demand continued to increase as ex-cellar Mouton Rothschild was sold on for ‘astonishing prices’ at Sotheby’s auction house at the end of January. Whilst early January witnessed the 2005’s dominating 20% of the Bordeaux trade. The significant increase in the demand for the 2005 vintage is expected to continue.

With Bordeaux looking at a prosperous 2015, fine wine buyers have not abandoned other French fine wine regions. Burgundy’s Domaine de la Romanee-Conti was at the forefront of the fine wine auctions of 2014, making more in sales than any other estate at Sotheyby’s and Zacys.