Fine Wine Data

Fine Wine 50 Index

The Fine Wine 50 Index tracks the daily course of prices for the Bordeaux First Growths – Lafite Rothschild, Mouton Rothschild, Haut Brion, Latour and Margaux. These wines are the highest traded commodities in the market. The Fine Wine 50 Index does not include En Primeur.

Fine Wine 100 Index

The Fine Wine 100 Index is used as the markets guideline. The Fine Wine 100 Index represents the course of prices of 100 of the most sought-after fine wines on the market, the most common being Bordeaux Wines, though wines from Burgundy, Champagne and Italy are also incorporated. The index is calculated using the market median price and is then modified to reflect its original production levels and growing scarcity as the wine matures. The index is designed to give all wines an individual weighting that resembles with its influence on the overall market.

Bordeaux 500 Index

The Bordeaux 500 is the most all-encompassing index as it reflects trends of the fine wine market as a whole. It represents the price fluctuations of the 500 leading wines in the market and is calculated monthly. Wines are added in July of the year they become physical (2011s added in July 2014), and removed after ten years (2001s removed in July 2014).

Fine Wine Investables Index

The Fine Wine Investables Index tracks the most "investable" wines in the market. Essentially, it aims to reflect the performance of a classic wine investment portfolio over time. Older vintages and wines produced in very small quantities have scarcity weightings applied to them in order to give a true reflection of their value. The Index dates back to 1988 and wines are chosen on the basis of their Robert Parker tasting score.

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